Why Having A Wikipedia Page Can Increase Exposure

Numerous colleges around the country are now offering an alternative to term papers in courses. Instead of writing research papers on a subject, college students are instead given the opportunity to research a topic, and create or edit a Wikipedia page about the topic. Prestigious schools such as Harvard University and Duke University have partaken in this program for many years now, debunking the idea that Wikipedia editing can not be a serious academic topic. 

Students learn about a given topic by doing research on the web, through books and other sources of information. They also learn publishing and editing skills which will serve future scientists and writers very well into the future. Another major highlight of the program is that students often contribute knowledge to the Wikipedia community on subjects that are lacking information or that have no articles at all about them. For example many female scientists are not even mentioned in Wikipedia. 

The Wikipedia editing program expands the knowledge base of Wikipedia by giving assignments on topics such as female scientists or new theories that have yet to be published in layman language understandable to the average person on the web. This is why Wikipedia editing and Wikipedia business page creation assignments at universities have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from organizations such as the Wiki Education Foundation.

Yet another highlight of the Wikipedia editing program at colleges in the United States is that it forces students to carefully consider the reliability of the information on the internet. It also helps them learn how disseminate information on the web more effectively to share it with the community. 

As you can see Wikipedia is gaining more and more attention. Even colleges and universities are now including Wikipedia into their curriculum. Universities now realize that Wikipedia is a popular and generally reliable source of information for students and the public. Businesses can learn from this, by considering the fact that Wikipedia viewership is rapidly increasing. Wikpedia pages are often shown at the top of result pages when searching on a search engine. 

Smart businesses can take advantage of these facts, and make a Wikipedia page for their company. The result will be a great presence on the web, and more customers for the company products or services. There is a saying in business, “the more people that know about your business, the more customers you will end up getting”. 

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