What is Deer Antler Spray?

deer antler sprayCan you use deer antler spray if you compete?

Every competitive athlete and bodybuilder knows that just because a supplement works, it doesn’t mean you can use it. With all the great reports coming back about what deer antler spray can do for you, many sports bodies have been investigating whether it should be allowed in competitions. The answer so far has been ‘yes.’ The way in which deer antler spray works to air muscle growth and recovery has not been deemed an artificial advantage.

What deer antler spray does

Deer antler spray provides the body with a source of IGF-1 that helps the natural hormone process that produces HGH. The is used in combination effectively to increase muscle gain and decrease post workout recovery time. In also aids in fat burning, so it is associated with weight loss although is hardly ever used for that purpose alone. It is more valued by competitive athletes and bodybuilders for decreasing recovery time and aiding in muscle gain.

deer antler velvet

Why deer antler spray is allowed

You would think that if deer antler spray boosted a key factor to growth and recovery it would be banned, but it isn’t. The reason for this is that is boosts the IGF-1 naturally, it doesn’t introduce a synthetic or artificial version of it to the body. It is also dependent on what else you do in your training as to whether or not you see results. In other words, you still have to work to get the gains. Deer antler spray will allow you to recover better, so it is allowed.

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Is it safe?

Deer antler spray is considered to be safe for everyone to use. The only cautions are for those who are on immune-suppressant drugs. Deer antler spray can help strengthen the immune system and can counteract those specific suppressants. It is safe, and it is allowed by all major competition bodies at this time.

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